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The inclusion of water in a garden adds a special dimension. There is something magical about a garden with a stream running through it. Even in a small space it can be as simple as a large shallow saucer reflecting light and attracting wildlife. Add a pump and suddenly there is movement and sound as well. Your water feature might be a granite ball bubble fountain nestling in foliage, a single elegant baroque jet falling gently into a basin or a natural swimming pool with plant-filled filtration beds removing the need for chemicals. Whatever the available room, we can find a way to include water in the concept; even a simple spout pouring out a polished stream of water which disappears into a circle of pebbles and gravel will add the impact your garden deserves.

But what if there is too much water? If we are working on a totally new garden it may be possible to build in water storage solutions on site so that you have access to watering in drier months. Equally, with climate change, small streams can turn into torrents very quickly and stream banks and edges may need to be reinforced to avoid flooding and damage. We will pick up all of these points with you during the preliminary discussions to ensure that your garden is as water-wise as possible.