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Town garden design

Urban gardens offer a number of challenges – limited space, lack of privacy, street noise and tricky access to name just a few. Town garden designs often have to work even harder than country spaces because of the intensive use of the limited available space. Detailed discussions with our clients tease out their priorities for their garden, what is essential and what is ‘nice to have’ and then, after the site has been measured and surveyed, a number of design suggestions are put forward for consideration. It could be a tiny city courtyard which by clever use of harmonious paving and glazing becomes an outdoor room, an extension of the indoor living area; or perhaps a new approach is needed to off-street parking for a car, with storage for bins and bikes. With a little more space, a paved terrace for entertaining surrounded by lush planting and subtle lighting can emerge from what was once a concrete well, adding enjoyment to the owners, shelter and food for wildlife and value to the property.

Cornus Garden Design takes the tricky topics of surface drainage, neighbouring trees and conservation area restrictions and works with local planning officials to ensure that any changes you decide to make comply with guidelines and regulations.