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A Berkshire Garden

The first commission Cornus Garden Design received, was for a section of garden belonging to a Queen Anne farmhouse tucked away in a corner of Berkshire. It had fallen into disuse when the position of front door was moved from one side of the building to the other and the owner had decided she wanted to be able to enjoy the space.

An Arts and Crafts House in Essex

The owners of a large Arts and Crafts house asked Cornus Garden Design for help in resolving an imbalance in their garden layout. One side had always been cultivated with trees and shrubs and a long stone pergola and the other side had been kept clear for their children to play. Now the ‘football pitch’ was no longer required and the clients needed help in resolving the question of how to bring the garden back together again.

A modern home in East Sussex

The owners of a modern house in a small Sussex village asked Cornus Garden Design for advice on how to deal with the steeply terraced site they had acquired with their new home. Built into the side of a hill, the upper flower bed, topped by a protected ash tree and backed by a high fence, filled the view from the windows and provided little visual interest. Also the developer had created retaining wall structures partly with brick and partly with timber palings. On surveying the property it was revealed that these palings were now starting to decay with the risk that if left they could eventually give way. The decision was taken to remove the palings completely, reduce the height of the corner bed at the front, create brick retaining walls to match the house, build a second terrace and widen and replant all the borders.

A Secret Courtyard Garden

This tiny courtyard, tucked away behind a traditional white-painted cottage in one of the most sought-after streets in Rye, East Sussex, provided Cornus Garden Design with one of its most delightful projects to date. When our client bought the cottage she inherited a paved area with raised beds crammed with large, low maintenance shrubs and climbers. She wanted something lighter and more in keeping with the property and we were very happy to help.

A Gravel Garden in Eastbourne

The front and rear gardens of this period home near the sea were left bleak and empty by the developer. The owners wanted spaces which reflected their contemporary tastes, required little maintenance and looked as good from the upper floors of their house as they did when actually sitting in them. A gravel garden proved the ideal approach, with drought tolerant plants, crisp paving and a stunning water feature.

A Nantucket Garden

The rear garden of this modern house lacked atmosphere and appeal and the owners were at a loss to know how to tackle the challenges it posed. Luckily they were willing to give me a free hand and I was able to move structures, bring in new textures and add lashings of colour!