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Our process

Every commission begins with a conversation, structured to establish key facts about the garden, its owners and their preferences. At this stage you may not know exactly what you want but may simply feel that you have not got the garden you would like to have.

It is down to Cornus Garden Design to listen carefully and effectively to what is said and not said, to then walk through the garden space with you and ask questions which open up new avenues of thought.

Based on this preliminary conversation, a client profile is drawn up, noting desires and purposes, the style of building, whether it is listed and if any trees have preservation orders, the views beyond the boundary, good features and bad. Occasionally clients will come with a wish-list, a natural swimming pool, a tennis court, space for sculpture or a tree house. We do our utmost to ensure that wherever possible these wishes are incorporated into the design.

Following this a number of design directions are produced which are submitted to you for consideration and discussion. Then, once a final decision is taken and contracts are signed, a full site survey is carried out prior to the production of a detailed design for signing off.

Sometimes it may be necessary to bring in third party specialists perhaps to advise on tree conditions or if major hard landscaping is involved including moving significant amounts of material or bringing in new water elements.

We work with established contractors and will also project manage your own builders as required.

Once the major landscaping work is completed, the trees can be planted and the herbaceous planting is added. At every stage we engage with you to establish that you are happy with the work, and to make any necessary adjustments.