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Watering Our Plants...

Spring is sprung, the leaves and buds are appearing and a gardener’s mind turns to thoughts of pots and containers and the delightful question of what to plant this year. Shall we be tasteful and have our pots all the same or will they turn out like a bag of dolly mixtures? Each to their own and I dare say we will see a selection of each over the coming months.

Scents and sensibility

Viburnum in the frost

I’ve been thinking about scent in the winter garden recently. Sometimes I can be working away, head down, left brain doing one thing and right brain something totally different, and suddenly I catch the faintest thread of sweetness on the cold air and have to stop what I’m doing and search out its source.


Sighs and wunders


A friend recently introduced me to the magical German word ‘heranwundern’ which translates as the process of praising something so persistently and yearningly that eventually the owner gives you whatever it is. There is nothing that I can think of in the English language which describes it so fittingly.


Right Plant, Wrong Place?

785. Joe Pye Weed

It’s a mistake every gardener makes, I think – you come home with a pot of something irresistible and wander round the garden looking for a space, any space, dig a hole and plant it, water it and wait optimistically for it to reward you for offering it a home….


Musings on Chelsea 2016


Did you go to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show this year? Or did you watch chunks of it on BBC1? I did both – and thoroughly enjoyed my annual pilgrimage on the Tuesday to soak up the thrills of the new and hope to reacquaint myself with old friends. As always, I wander around the show gardens, wondering what I as a designer would do were I to be faced with the challenges of a small site, with a number of sightlines and requirements, limited budget and materials which left me with the following observations. (more…)

Sparking Joy in the Garden

Cherry Blossoms

One of the more unlikely publishing successes in 2015 came from Japanese writer Marie Kondo. Her first book, ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying’, described the work of the consultancy she has built up to help clients with the positive aspects of tidying and decluttering, disposing of items which were no longer required, and storing the remainder of their possessions in logical, accessible ways.


The Power of Plenty

The standing joke in our household is that I never knowingly under-cater for any occasion. I love the biblical image of a measure being filled up, pressed down and flowing over in generosity and abundance. And my approach to planting is the same – I am not one who enjoys the sight of brown soil between regimented plants. Instead I prefer to pack them in, each one supporting and supported by its neighbours, a dense Klimt canvas of colour and texture.


My favourite plant… February


Faith, we were taught to recite in Sunday school, is the essence of things hoped for and the substance of things not seen. And I was reflecting on this last Sunday afternoon as I sat, perched on an old set of steps in the greenhouse, planting sweet pea seeds into pots of warm brown compost. For it seems to me that gardening is a very faith-based activity: planting seeds which contain a spark of life in the firm belief that they will germinate, grow, flourish and flower. So my favourite plant this month is not one which is currently in flower, but one that we can already begin looking forward to.


The Tree that Keeps on Giving

Crab Apples

By the time we reach the end of December, almost all the colour in the garden has faded and gone and we are left to face the coming months of dull greys and browns, which is rather a gloomy prospect. So to be able to plant something which gives us colour, and long-lasting colour at that, is a huge treat. And therefore, to round off the year, I present to you my favourite winter tree for Christmas.


The Delight in the Detail

Old Man's Beard

One of the beauties of being outside in the garden at this time of year is the lack of distraction – no flaming colours of leaf or petal to catch the eye – instead the soothing tones of greys and browns, fudge, chocolate, toffee, and the deep calm green of evergreen leaves. At this stage, treat yourself, set aside your spade for a moment and get right up close to those tiny miracles of sculpture – seedheads. (more…)