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The colour … Purple

Purple is like the ideal party guest: it mixes perfectly with everyone in the room and yet still manages to look attractive and interesting when posing alone against a plain background. It is, I venture, incapable of upsetting anyone or anything.

Upwardly Mobile

We all know about the value of verticals in planting – the rhythmic punctuation of obelisks or Veronicastrum, a cluster of tall drumstick Allium Purple Sensation, or even select forms of upright grass such as Calamagrostis Karl Foerster. But these only form half of the story; for true upward aspiration, consider using some of your […]

My favourite plant… May

If there is one plant which sings that summer is coming to me, it is the appearance of Geranium phaeum album, the white form of the Dusky Cranesbill. Sprays of small pale yellow-centred white blooms held high on slim stems rise out of a dome of deeply lobed mid-green leaves,to catch any breeze and move […]