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Things I wish I’d never planted – Ornithogalum umbellatum

Ornithogalum umbellatum is a bulbous perennial with linear leaves and open heads of star-shaped white flowers with green undersides in spring. So far, so good. This member of the Star of Bethlehem family is often advertised as useful, clump forming, robust, effective at ground cover and sounds generally like a good all-rounder.

My favourite plant… March

Is it possible to have a favourite plant in spring? With so many varieties appearing with the lengthening days and vying for attention, it seems almost invidious to select just one species to the exclusion of all the others. However, I do have to admit to a degree of favouritism when it comes to Brunnera […]

Special Plants

My mother used to say there was nothing she liked more than a packet of seeds and the endless possibilities that they contained. And so I think of her every time I come across a seed specialist which I think she would enjoy. One such site is Derry Watkins ‘Special Plants’.