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My favourite plant… February

While all the gardening press are revelling in their annual Snowdrop extravaganza and tales of costly bulbs grow ever taller, my favourite spring bulb quietly puts in an appearance and, on the first suitably warm and sunny day, unfurls petals of the clearest deep blue to display patterning worthy of the classiest stained glass window.

The colour … yellow

As a professional garden designer, I believe it is essential to understand all my client’s preferences before starting to develop a scheme and planting plan. So one of the questions on my form is “Is there anything you particularly dislike?” and I am amazed at the number of times I get the answer “Yellow. I […]

It’s time to… sort out your seeds

Hands up, all of us who, in a moment of Carol Klein-inspired passion, toured our flower borders in late summer 2013 equipped with paper bags and scissors and saved seeds from our favourite perennials, seed heads down, stems up, maybe even a rubber band round the top? Well done! And did you also remember to […]

My favourite plant – January

We all love to see the first snowdrops, spotting the bright green leaves spearing their way up through snow or brown leaf litter with a tight pointed bud at the top promising that charm of green patterned underskirt and pure glacier white outer petals. There is the annual surprise that some are doubles, perhaps larger […]