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Coutts Skyline Garden

Recently I was privileged to be given a private tour of the Coutts Skyline Garden, high above The Strand in London, a stone’s throw from Charing Cross Station. The ingenious project of Richard Vine, who pioneered hydroponic cultivation and micro-salads, this roof garden produces vegetables, fruit and flowers for use in the kitchens of Coutts, […]

My favourite plant – November

We are now well into that part of the year when the mists and mellow fruitfulness have turned into damp fog and sogginess. It’s not a time I particularly enjoy as plants decay and die and I am torn between trying to save just one more flower and facing the fact that its blossoming days […]

It’s time to… plant a hedge

Last year we took a critical look at our garden and agreed that the time had come to deal with one of our long boundaries. To one side of the property is a field, used only for an annual hay crop, and the old fence posts had rotted through and were held up with bent […]